LandRocker Builder System

Create Assets!

Use This Builder To Create Any Asset And Bring It Straight To The Metaverse. Every Item In The Landrocker Metaverse Is Craftable. Including The New Ones Users Create Via Kit Bash. Every Type Of Assets Has Its Own Kit Bash. You Can Choose Your Desired Kit Bash And Start Getting Creative. Just Stick To The Guideline.

The Final Result Will Become A Recipe For The Asset After Approval. The Creator Becomes The Sole Owner Of The Recipe And Can Determine Its Craft Count And Price. Any Other User Can Purchase The Recipe From The Marketplace And Craft It Using The Required Elements.


Create your own Kit Bash!

Create Your Own Kit Bash!
Designers Can Use Any 3Rd Party 3D Design App And Create Their Own Kit Bash For Any Type Of Asset They See Fit. If The Asset Meets The Provided Guideline And The Development Team Approves It, It Will Be Published In The Builder With The Original Creator's Name. The Original Designer Will Also Receive A Creators Fee Everytime An Asset Is Crafted Using Their Kit Bash.